80 years of quality craftsmanship
We are a true technical partner in aluminium facades and castings, working with architects, commercial construction companies and sculptors to create aluminium facades, aesthetic pieces and functional castings for building developments and cultural projects.
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Our sister company, Jennings Anodes UK, manufactures and supplies high quality anodes to the global CP market.

A major international supplier of anodes for cathodic protection, including both impressed current as well as sacrificial anodes, Jennings Anodes UK is the only manufacturer capable of producing tubular anodes that can consistently pass x-ray inspection at Level 1 and Level 2 criteria.

With a strong emphasis on quality, Jennings Anodes UK adheres to strict quality controls throughout the production process, to ensure full product transparency and traceability and has been ISO 9001 registered for over 30 years.

Specialist Castings

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Welcome to Specialist Castings

Specialist Castings has been at the forefront of large aluminium castings, alongside 30 other alloys, for more than 80 years, providing innovative solutions to a range of industries with an unrivalled depth of knowledge and technical expertise.

Employing the latest cutting-edge technologies and quality workmanship, Specialist Castings operates across the medical equipment and power industries, as well as the decorative and architectural castings markets.

Operating on a global scale across a wealth of industries, reliability, technical expertise, and quality products are at the core of everything we do.


At Specialist Castings, we are one of the leading suppliers in the casting industry; delivering a wide variety of different types of casting work including aluminium castings, centrifugal castings and decorative castings.


With more than 80 years experience, Specialist Castings is an established and leading manufacturer in supplying our products to the following markets and industries worldwide.