A leading large-scale casting foundry

At Specialist Castings, we are one of the leading suppliers in the casting industry; delivering a wide variety of different types of casting work including aluminium castings, centrifugal castings and decorative castings. We have an unrivalled capacity for large-scale casting.  In particular, the ability to undertake this larger work, while still producing cast aluminium at very high purity levels is a highly specialised area that we excel at.  We have developed unique in-house process to output cast aluminium at very low levels of gas porosity, giving the highest purity material. Our ability to continuously develop new processes is built upon many generations of experience and an industrial heritage of more than 80 years. It is the combination of this deep expertise, working with specialist equipment developed in-house, that allows us to undertake truly leading-edge large aluminium casting projects.

We are accustomed to dealing with one-off, large, single product/single application type castings. Often these castings are prototypes or part of ‘one build only’ types of assemblies or constructions.  In these cases, our team of expert advisors can work with the client on a consultancy basis to finalise the design before the casting is produced.  Often these projects can develop into multiple-product requirements, with complementary and supportive castings.  Our “one-stop-shop” service approach means that we can assist the client by providing a fully-packaged solution for all requirements.

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