Aluminium Castings

Our Aluminium Castings are created through a method of sand casting in which aluminium is tempered for the use of creating components for many different types of products. This form of aluminium is used across a wide range of industries, for both the end products as well as for the creation of parts necessary for the manufacturing of other goods and services. We work within many sectors, producing high-quality, precision-engineered castings, including automotive, engineering, marine and cryogenic.  For example, in our recent aluminium castings, we have provided the latest medical scanner for GE Medical Systems, MRI items for CERNE and vehicle frames for Jaguar cars.  With all of our aluminium castings we recognise the need for precision, high grade material castings and the importance of rapid turnarounds.

Our Aluminium Casting simulation software means we can develop homogenous metal matrix structures in complex shapes quickly. This allows us to develop and analyse multiple casting ‘options’ on shorter lead times – which is invaluable when dealing with prototypes. The end result is improved design, optimised design for manufacture and a reduction in overall product development timescales. One of the main advantages of Aluminium Castings is that the metal is often cost efficient in comparison to other cast metals and also retains a high degree of durability.

Specialist Castings large aluminium machining is as specialised as the casting itself and is part of the comprehensive package that we offer. Our in-house capacity means we can deal with castings up to 5 metres long and 2.5 metres in diameter. With some units weighing as much 7000Kg, the expertise and capability to complete such pieces is unique.