Aluminium Facades & Architectural Castings

A true technical partner in aluminium facades and castings

We are a global manufacturer of aluminium, steel and iron castings.  At the forefront of our field for over 80 years, we have a breadth and depth of aluminium casting knowledge and technical expertise that few can rival.

Production facilities at our UK foundry allow us to cast individual items up to 5 metres long and up to 7000kg in weight, working to exact specifications using CNC machining to produce patterns and moulds.

Proven in precision engineering, our workmanship has been well applied to the architectural market, working with high-profile architects, commercial construction companies and sculptors to create aluminium facades, aesthetic pieces and functional castings for building developments and cultural projects.

Benefits of Aluminium Facades


  • Can be patternated and finished in a range of different colours
  • Can easily be treated and distressed to look like other metals such as bronze
  • Can be used to replicate other structures and composites such as stone, even technical 3-D shapes
  • Can be painted or powder coated


  • Can be sealed and heat-treated to protect from elements and increase structural capabilities
  • Achieves European Fire Class 1 rating – non-combustible material
  • Salt-spray tested to check colour steadfastness
  • EaBeen through a salt spray test to check its colour
  • Can have powder coating and be Anolok-anodised to increase weather resistance, longevity and corrosion resistance


  • Has insulation properties
  • Is energy efficient
  • Is recyclable

Cost Effective

  • Lightweight composition means reduced transport costs and less stress on buildings
  • Comparatively cheaper bronze, copper and brass
  • Easy to maintain throughout lifespan

A lightweight and innovative façade for 55 Gresham Street

Designed by architects Fletcher Priest, this 8-storey building was both extended and refurbished in 2018.  The façades and inset panels formed an integral part of the design and it was key that they visually matched the elegant stonework while remaining light enough for the building to carry.  Specialist Castings worked to create bespoke aluminium panels with a unique surface finish visually resembling terracotta tiles.  With tight tolerances and a critical fixing method, the foundry technical team worked closely to supplied drawings and specifications to ensure precise castings. The project also included a series of delightful grasshoppers, in honour of Sir Thomas Gresham, cast with meticulous detail before being rooted into the architecture.   All castings elements were specially treated and salt-spray tested to last a minimum of 12 years.

55 Gresham Street Aluminium Facades and Castings

Historically-sensitive grille castings for Knightsbridge project

For this high-profile project the client required a bronze antiquated look for the grilles that would feature heavily throughout the new façade.

A mixed-use project of high-end retail, office, and residential space, the project was designed by Fletcher Priest with the contract managed by Skanska.  Intrinsic to the development’s success was to retain the historic façades while introducing a modern edge that would stand the test of time.

Working alongside historic building consultants, the grilles were designed from scratch, cast and treated to reflect the integrity of the original building.  Visual mock-ups and samples were provided to exact specifications and the end result is a lightweight and cost-effective solution that loses none of the impact required for this prestigious project.

Knightsbridge project pictures

Durable outdoor floor tile castings for cultural St. Peter’s project

Sunderland Council’s £1 million redevelopment project aimed to create a permanent outdoor footprint for St. Peter’s Church in Sunderland, built in 674AD and home of the Venerable Bede.

Local artist Simon Watkinson was commissioned to create a community art project that would reflect the cultural and historical significance of the site. A “path” of floor slabs were to be created, showcasing key points in the site’s history and each framed by beach cobbles collected by local schoolchildren.

We created the full series of slabs, carefully moulding then casting the required text, images and the cobbles into aluminium alloy.

Durable, workable and attractive, the floor castings are now enjoyed by countless visitors every year.

St. Peter’s Sunderland historic aluminium floor castings