Decorative Castings

Specialist Castings can create Decorative Castings by taking any fabrication with decorative design and cast it in aluminium. We use chemically bonded sand techniques in conjunction with resin decorative patterns to create exact, repeatable apertures for each casting.

For a number of years objects of art and decoration have been fabricated by ordinary metal casting techniques to create unique and interesting Decorative Castings. Such objects of decoration are cast using a prepared pattern so that each casting is a duplication of a set pattern. Some interesting objects for decorative purposes have been created by pouring aluminium onto a relatively flat surface, allowing the metal to splash and solidify in a relatively random form. These techniques yield a different result for each object formed and provide many interesting free flowing forms and shapes in the finished product.

As part of our Decorative Castings service we cast aluminium for Architectural, Fascia and Sculpting purposes.

Architectural Castings

Architectural Castings are a type of Decorative Casting that we offer, which can include restoring or renewing building structures or creating aluminium castings for newly built architecture. At Specialist Castings we use our skill, dedication and understanding of the customer’s requirements to ensure detail down to the finest eye when restoring historical buildings and structures to their original design. We can also produce aluminium castings for building and structure support.

We have produced aluminium castings for the architectural structure of the Scottish Houses of Parliament.

Fascia Castings

Another Decorative Casting that we offer is Fascia Castings in aluminium, which can range from shop banners and house terraces to roof edges. Aluminium is a material that has been used on some of the world’s most prestigious developments and structures, where exceptional durability and aesthetic appearance are key, so it is the perfect material for Fascia Castings. The aluminium Fascias that we can cast can be of a unique design and with great precession and expertise we create the correct aesthetic appearance on high quality fascias to meet our customers’ needs.

We can make these fascia castings in a variety of sizes and proportions and our castings are made to order, therefore the range of profiles and designs is almost limitless. Whilst there are obviously manufacturing constraints, anything can be considered.

Sculpture Castings

Our sand casting process works perfectly for all Sculpture Castings as it keeps the best integrity of the sculptural design. We can take any object and cast it in aluminium through our sand-casting process to give you your chosen Sculptured design. As well as creating new Sculpture Castings we can also restore and repair damaged sculptures back to their original design. At Specialist Castings we are a team of experienced professionals, ensuring prestige knowledge and a commitment to quality, therefore, your sculpture is in the safest of hands. We work closely with our customers through the sand casting process to make sure all Sculpture Casting needs and expectations are met.

Even if your enquiry seems unorthodox in terms of size and design we are happy to discuss every possible project.