Many castings are machined in CNC Milling centres, which is a very common technique and allows for greater dimensional capability and repeatability than many other casting processes. Specialist Castings provide a wide range of capabilities in 3, 4 and 5 axis machining and our programming flexibility extends to a broad set of roughing and finishing options that can be applied to any individual design.

In Milling, the element is securely clamped to a machine table and then the cutting tools move and rotate at maximum speed to create a variety of features on the face of the casting. This can be carried out on a vertical or horizontal axis. At Specialist castings we believe that first-rate cutting strategies and optimised machining specifications creates a high quality finish and provides high speed machining, maximising value and productivity.

CNC Milling Advantages 

  1. Extensive programming options from roughing and finishing.
  2. A variety of capabilities from manual to fully automated tool paths.
  3. Maximum productivity through high speed machining.
  4. Fully automated detection and machining of uncut rest material.
  5. Automatic collision for tool and damping fixtures.