CNC turning involves a secured lathe spinning the machined component, allowing for a single point cutting tool to remove and shape the material, creating the desired part. The component is positioned in a turning fixture and rotated using either a vertical or horizontal machine. This can be accomplished on a dual axis of movement that can be a straight line or a line with angles and curves. Turning allows for the creation of complex products including plain, tapered, contoured, filtered, threaded and radius profiles. Our turning expertise allows us to achieve high quality products and the ‘Do In One’ method improves reliability, repeatability and efficiency.

Whether your Turning requirement is is simple, complex, large or small Specialist Castings can produce any product with the same consistency, quality and accuracy over and over again. Using state of the art Turning equipment and technology allows for a higher level of automation; reducing operator fatigue which allows for attention to be turned to other critical aspects of the production process, adding value and productivity.