One of our leading markets is the automotive castings Industry. Half of the aluminium used in cars is made up of cast products and has been commonly used in cars and trucks since the early 1900s.

According to a report by Ducker Worldwide, (2015) the number of manufacturers using aluminium casting for car bodies is set to grow from 1% to 18% by 2025. The main driver for this is energy efficiency – especially for the larger SUV, or off-road vehicles. The lightness of aluminium simply means less fuel is required to power a lighter vehicle.

Within the Automotive Industry aluminium has been favoured due to its excellent combination of weight and stiffness and the fact it can be converted by several processes into products. It can be: formed into a shape, produced as film, forged and extruded and also cast in several different shapes to manage different volumes of production.

Aluminium is exceedingly resistant to corrosion and the bare metal can be left outside without corroding, which is a big advantage for the Automotive Castings Industry. We have a long history of manufacturing castings and machined components for the Automotive Castings Industry and are therefore highly responsive to meeting customers’ requirements within this field.