Within the Marine Industry; boats, marine vessels and their associated marine castings are in constant contact with the sea water, meaning metals are subject to a high level of corrosion and a reduction in the integrity and performance of the marine structures.   Likewise, structures and stations within the offshore industry are also subject to the same corrosive environments.  At Specialist Castings, we have the knowledge and experience to develop precision-engineered castings for this industry that combine performance with durability and quality.  Our marine castings include those for the purposes of propulsion, steering and stabilising applications within marine vessels and we also develop marine casting solutions for use with military and offshore marine vessels and equipment.

At Specialist Castings, we also have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying anodes for use within the marine industry. The most common type of anodes used within the Marine Industry are Silicon Iron Anodes, Zinc Anodes and Aluminium Anodes. Aluminium Anodes are widely used within the Marine industry and are particularly suitable for use in a tropical water environment.

Zinc Anodes have become almost indispensable within the Marine Industry as they are an extremely powerful anti-corrosion solution. At Specialist Castings we can provide expertise and advice in developing not only your marine castings but also the anode solutions that should be used in order to protect and prolong the life and performance of your marine castings and components.

We can cast and design individual anodes for individual projects that might include sea-sleds, 500 kgs tubular centrispun silicon iron anodes, bi-metallic anodes or even anodes with unique chemistry to suit their environment and use. We are able to use our foundry in the U.K. or our joint-venture Foundry in China operated by ourselves and Yuxi Ningbo who are the largest Cathodic Protection company in China and who own and run 3 of their own foundries specifically set up for anode production.

Rolls Royce UK Case Study

When Michell Bearings, part of Rolls Royce UK were engineering a new marine bearing that had to be capable of cooling in air at a rate similar to cooling in liquid, they employed Specialist Castings expertise to cast some aluminium finned castings to achieve this.

The flow of aluminium around the complex core system had to be controlled very carefully to prevent premature freezing whilst a running system had to be designed to minimise fragmentation (at fall points), hot spots and the evolution of hydrogen.

After initial trials, the end castings were proved to be successful and it is hoped the project will be expanded to other similar systems.

Jennings Anodes UK

Our sister company, Jennings Anodes UK, manufactures and supplies high quality anodes to the global CP market.

A major international supplier of anodes for cathodic protection, including both impressed current as well as sacrificial anodes, Jennings Anodes UK is the only manufacturer capable of producing tubular anodes that can consistently pass x-ray inspection at Level 1 and Level 2 criteria.

With a strong emphasis on quality, Jennings Anodes UK adheres to strict quality controls throughout the production process, to ensure full product transparency and traceability and has been ISO 9001 registered for over 30 years.