MRI / Cryogenic

Specialist Castings is an innovative supplier of cast aluminium machined components, with an impressive track record of delivering nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI castings) prototypes and end products to world-leading producers. Over more than 20 years of experience working in the medical industry we have continued to develop our own technology and processes for MRI castings as new innovations are brought to market. As a guide to this industry, the following tables outline some of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and component and service suppliers.  We supply aluminum castings for C.T. scanners,optical testing equipment,  patient transportation equipment as well as NMR and MRI treatment and research centres.

We have centrifugally cast many different aluminium and stainless steel tubes, rings and shaped items. We have welded aluminium using MIG, TIG or even 7 metre long electron beam welds and will utilise the best available process for the weld required.

We have cast a very large range of aluminium alloys from 99% pure aluminium down to common LM6 or LM27 grades and have been involved in the metallurgy and the practical heat treatment of very large and complex thin walled items specifically to prevent distortion or increase strength. We have looked at specific grain refinement processes and have developed our unique de-gassing technique for high purity applications where existing techniques will not suffice.