Specialist Castings are one of the leading casting foundries in the UK and our experience and knowledge allows us to deliver quality and precision machined components. Our precision machining facilities include CNC milling and turning machining centres which can help provide a solution for all your precision casting requirements.

We offer turning and vertical boring capabilities of up to 3 metres diameter and 5 metres long. With capabilities of machining down to 4mm wall in aluminium parts 2 metres long, the capabilities have been built up over several decades and include full 5 axis machining centres.

We also machine and accurately balance brake discs as well as exotic materials such as inconel, Invar 38, Umco 51, high silicon irons (14.5% silicon) and specialist chrome and titanium alloys.

Our production team has recently been involved in engineering projects supplying machined parts to:

  • the largest camera in the world (to prove the existence of ‘dark energy’ in space)
  • the particle accelerator at Cerne
  • the strongest MRI patient magnet system in the US and Europe
  • the largest air-cooled marine bearings for Rolls Royce