Centrifugal Castings

With Centrifugal Casting, the casting moulds are spun within the centre of the centrifuge around their main axis, as liquid metal is fed in and thrown against the walls of the mould where it solidifies. This process forces lighter impurities in the metal to the interior surface of the mould, which can later be abraded away to make a more reliable and durable product. Specialist Castings has the capacity for both horizontal and vertical spinning and is capable of casting aluminium items up to 1.5 metres in diameter. Additionally, we can also spin stainless steel up to 3 metres long and with internal diameters as small as 30mm. We also have the capability of casting ‘shaped’ pieces reducing the need for additional machining on the finished casting.

The Centrifugal Casting spinning process has advantages beyond the obvious shape related ones. Centrifugal spinning can also lead to improved grain structure characteristics in certain alloys. Together with the removal of centre-line shrinkage and almost perfect directional solidification, the improved output provides advantages that can be very useful in highly technical end products such as medical equipment.

Our Centrifugal Casting spinning capability combined with our large machining capacity service has been widely recognised and means we provide a fully comprehensive technical casting service. We also offer a worldwide service with two production centres for centrifugal spinning, one in the UK and one in China.